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Yoon-Soon thrives amid change. Even discomfort. That’s why he tends to shake things up in his life every couple of years. Before he and his Synnapex cofounder decided to start their own IT services firm, Yoon-Soon had spent 14 years pushing past his limits and quickly climbing up the corporate ladder. He started as a technical support specialist, moved to the United States where he worked as a solution engineer before returning to Canada. Yoon-Soon continued to work his way up with various IT firms as a Cisco network engineer. He later led a Unified Communications and Cloud Collaboration team.

As President and CEO of Synnapex, Yoon-Soon focuses on cultivating the vibrant culture at his fast-growing growing organization. More than two-thirds of the team are technical pros that Yoon-Soon and his cofounder have personally trained to bridge the gap between business goals and technical solutions.

“The company wouldn’t exist without that strong technical focus and logical approach embedded throughout our processes,” says Yoon-Soon, certified in Routing and Switching, and Unified Communications CCIEs.

Yoon-Soon’s vision has always been to serve customers as an extended team of IT experts. Differentiating Synnapex from the sea of sales-driven IT firms, Yoon-Soon takes pride in long-term partnerships over winning deals

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Entrepreneurship and technology are part of Nicky’s DNA. Before he dreamed of building an IT services firm, Nicky spent his teen years assembling electronic parts and fixing taxi radios. Fast forward to today, and Nicky is the same hardworking guy with a vision. Except now, he leads a company that executes more than 100 enterprise IT projects every year.

As Executive Vice President, Nicky is the big-picture thinker, pursuing the company’s high-growth strategy and redefining its goals.

“The world is changing. Technology is changing,” Nicky says. “If get comfortable and stay still, I’d be falling behind”.

Just like his co-founder, Nicky is constantly exploring outside his comfort zone. Both of them are fiercely motivated to be the best in business and technical know-how. That drive, in fact, is how Nicky and his co-founder initially bonded over studying for Cisco’s certification exam nearly two decades ago.

Nicky holds three CCIEs: Routing and Switching, Voice and Security. Prior to starting Synnapex, he designed multi-cluster collaboration deployments for call centres, network architectures for banks and pharmaceutical companies, and led business strategy at various IT firms in Canada and the United States.

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In a typical week, Giorgio could be talking with a mining company one day, a financial institution the next day, and a healthcare provider the day after that. With every meeting, he’s listening intently, learning about the company’s IT needs and then collaborating with his team to design solutions. Every vertical has its own language, and Giorgio loves the challenge of speaking all of those languages.

Giorgio is a Solution Architect at Synnapex. He meets with prospective and existing customers, and he’s instrumental in building long-term relationships starting with those early discussions.

“The most important thing we can do is listen to the customer,” says Giorgio, who stresses that point when training the technical sales team at Synnapex. “We’re looking for customers that want more of a partnership, not just a service provider to deploy one switch.”

With more than a decade of experience designing, implementing and maintaining Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies, Giorgio takes pride in seeing how his work has impacted enterprise customers over the long haul.

“We see customers come back years later needing an upgrade on a system, and then I realize, ‘Oh I built that five years ago!’ It’s a great feeling,” he says.

Over the years, Giorgio has explored different technical areas and expanded his expertise (just as he did with playing music—first piano, then guitar, and saxophone). In Giorgio’s early technical career, he explored programming and then followed his mentor’s advice to specialize in VoIP. Eventually, he earned his CCIE Certification in Voice.

More recently, Giorgio has delved deeper into security, observing the growing need to help customers with their enterprise security and compliance in IT infrastructure.

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As the executive responsible for overseeing Professional Services, Managed Services and Project Management at Synnapex, Michael is adamant about perfection—or getting as close to it as possible. He’s proudly obsessed with details and is relentless about finding ways to optimize workflows in his departments. The more efficiently Synnapex works, customers ultimately benefit.

“Everything is under the microscope for me,” says Michael, crediting his nitpicky nature to his technical background. He holds a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching. His other areas of expertise include network design, wireless design, collaboration edge architecture, voice-enabled networks and security.

If you ask Michael what drives him to be the best, he’ll tell you about the power of the underdog. An avid hockey player, he’s often the shortest player on the ice at 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Yet he never backs down from chasing the puck out of a corner, even if it means getting surrounded by giants twice his size. His battle scars from knee and shoulder surgeries prove he never gives up.

Michael brings that same competitive edge to Synnapex. Joining the team in the early stages of the company in 2015, he was attracted to the idea of building an organization with unbeatable technical expertise.

Today, Synnapex continues to grow and Michael plays an important role fostering company culture among the department managers and engineers. Whether that means teaching team members technical skills “the Synnapex way” or playing Super Smash Brothers together, Michael believes that strong teams are critical to the company’s success.

“As long as you have happy engineers,” Michael says, “you have productive engineers.”

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Adam is the brains behind many of the solutions Synnapex proposes to its clients, recommending the right Cisco solutions and the optimal implementation strategy to put everything together on time and on budget.

With a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching, Adam specializes in assembling in-depth solutions providing the implementation, design, testing and optimization of integrated enterprise networks, with an added focus on full integration of Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies.

Known for his “get it done” attitude, Adam dives into every project with many questions. He’s serious about understanding the customer’s business goals, how departments work together, and how they communicate. Every piece of the puzzle helps him design custom solutions with precision.

“I’ve always been the type to take things apart and put them together,” says Adam, remembering his first internship performing supply chain integration at an electronics manufacturing company, or at home building and reassembling personal computers for family and friends. Although he later specialized in the networking and collaboration fields, he became fascinated with how all the different components worked together as one—not just the technologies, but the people who will ultimately use those systems.

The human side of technology triggered Adam’s curiosity, which continues to strengthen his ability to design comprehensive solutions. With every customer site he visited in his engineering and architect roles, he has observed the way different corporate environments work and do business together. He has talked with teams from all different departments and studied how organizations structure their IT systems around them.

As the Solution Architect at Synnapex, Adam stresses the importance of clear communication at every step. Whether he’s talking to a CIO or a general manager, he makes sure all parties discuss the business goals before going deeper into the technical solutions that will enhance business outcomes.